Wound Hydrogel for Effective Drug Delivery and Anaesthesia of Acute and Chronic Wounds (Jenarron Therapeutics)

Friday, 28 October 2016

 Jenarron Therapeutics has developed a novel wound hydrogel that can be used to deliver soluble drug substances to all types of wounds, such as deep lacerations and chronic ulcers.  The material is unique, putty-like, simple to apply and will flow in a liquid-like fashion into any shape and size of wound, but can be safely removed in one piece and leaves no remnants behind.

Problem Being Solved

 An acute laceration is a type of wound normally treated using injection of local anaesthetic followed by insertion of stitches.  This is painful and distressing, especially for young children.  It is necessary because there is no other effective way to deliver drug to a deep cut or other type of wound unless an injection is used.  The development of an alternative and simple way to administer drugs to painful cuts and open wounds would be an attractive solution for both patients and medical staff alike.



Jenarron therapeutics has developed a novel semi-solid wound putty with distinctive rheological flow properties.  It is designed to bring about drug delivery to all types of wounds, such as deep lacerations and chronic ulcers.  The material possesses both liquid-like and solid-like properties, which allow it to flow into any shape of wound, but takes on a solid-like character during removal, enabling safe extraction in one piece and with no remnants left behind.  It has been shown to be effective in a clinical trial in the Emergency Department, where stitches could be inserted painlessly without any prior need for injection.  It provided immediate relief for patients and reduced the time spent by medical staff during treatment in the ED.


              Numerous therapeutic applications

              Suitable for application to open wounds

              Can be used in all wound types, such as acute laceration and chronic wounds

              Self-levelling ability requiring minimal user input

              Can use used to deliver a wide range of approved drug substances

              Safe and effective removal

              Extraction of foreign bodies during removal

              Manufactured from pharmaceutically approved materials

              Easily sterilised and packaged.


Jenkins, MG, Murphy, DJ, Little, C, McDonald, J, McCarron, PA. (2014) A Non-Inferiority Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Clinical Effectiveness of Anesthesia Obtained by Application of a Novel Topical Anesthetic Putty With the Infiltration of Lidocaine for the Treatment of Lacerations in the Emergency Department. ANNALS OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE. 63, 704-710.

Murphy, DJ, Sankalia, MG, Loughlin, RG, Donnelly, RF, Jenkins, MG, McCarron, PA. (2012) Physical characterisation and component release of poly(vinyl alcohol)-tetrahydroxyborate hydrogels and their applicability as potential topical drug delivery systems. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS. 423, 326-334

Opportunity/Partnership Sought

Ulster University is actively seeking a strategic partner to assist in the further development of this exciting technology, providing a route to market for the safe and effective treatment of a wide range of wound types.

 The University is open to a variety of models for collaboration, including sponsored research, out-licensing and co-development.

In addition, the inventors of this technology are able to provide valuable know-how in order to assist with its successful commercialisation.

For more information please contact:

Dr Oonagh Lynch

Technology Commercialisation Executive

Research & Impact

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