Therapeutic interventions via monitoring of life style behavioural profiles to support independent living using assisted technology for people with dementia at nighttime

Monday, 15 June 2015

The proposed Nocturnal Care system monitors user’s life style and behavioural profiles including sleeping and its related activities. According to individual’s behavioural profile, abnormal events will be flagged and therapeutic intervention will be introduced for behaviour changes. The system contains an infrastructure of the following components: a set of sleep monitoring and activity monitoring sensors; a home hub to collect sensory information and housing algorithms to analyse the sleep and activity patterns; and a telecare service running over the cloud to store the activity data, carrying out behavioural analysis and provide recommendation for therapeutic interventions. The invention can be used to support telecare for people with chronic diseases such as dementia and help them to manage their condition, or improve their wellbeing.

Problem Being Solved

This invention aims to support people with dementia who have restlessness and sleep disturbance.


This invention differs from other technologies in the following ways:

·         Translating data about sleep behaviour into actionable knowledge;

·         Providing continuous support of behavioural monitoring and management; and

Making use of sleep behaviour knowledge to offer contextualised therapeutic interventions.


24 hours activity monitoring system, such as Just Checking (, Fold telecare service, which provides support over phone. None of these systems provide informative therapeutic interventions based on clients’ night time activity or behavioural profile patterns.

Opportunity/Partnership Sought

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