Engineering Research Institute (ERI)


Engineering Research Institute (ERI) has had a very high profile in research and impact associated with structural and advanced functional materials, relating to medical devices, tissue engineering, nanomaterials, plasmas, photocatalysis, coatings, sensors, composites and metal forming.  In particular the Institute has focused on its three research centres:

- Nanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre (NIBEC)
- The Engineering Composites Research Centre (ECRE)
- Advanced Metal Forming Centre (AMFoR).

These research Centres constitute a wide range of engineering led disciplines such as Biomaterials, Biomedical Engineering, Clean Technology, Connected Health Devices, Nanotechnology, Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine and Metal Forming. The Institute has brought together a multi-disciplinary group of staff from a range of disciplines to undertake various forms of advanced materials research, including such topics as; composite structures, materials characterisation, sensor fabrication, biomaterial processing, plasma processing, metal forming, nanoscience and nanofabrication. 

The Institute has a particular focus on interacting with Industry, Clinicians and Society in order to benefit all communities within today’s rapid growing knowledge based economic environment. 

Facilities/Equipment subject to availability.


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