Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI)


The Computer Science Research Institute (CSRI) comprises over 40 research active staff from three Schools - Computing and Information Engineering; Computing and Intelligent Systems; and Computing and Mathematics.

CSRI comprises four research areas:

- Information & Communications Engineering (ICE): focuses on knowledge engineering and data analytics, applications in healthcare modelling and computer vision / medical imaging, and increasingly, performance management of next generation networks, systems and services

- Smart Environments: focuses on multi-disciplinary and collaborative research in sensor-based technologies, and applications in behavioural analysis, activity recognition, and assistive technologies for healthcare and independent living.

- Intelligent Systems Research: focuses on cognitive robotics, computational neuroscience, and biologically-inspired computation, with applications in robotic systems, neural modelling, and Brain-Computer Interfacing

- Artificial Intelligence and Applications: focuses on pattern recognition, reasoning, and semantic analytics, with applications in text mining, intelligent document analysis, ambient assisted living, and security-based scenario recognition.

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