Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS)


The Institute for Research in Social Sciences (IRiSS) seeks to harness and develop the highest quality research undertaken in the Faculty of Social Sciences within the broad areas of social and public policy with social work, education, politics and international studies. It provides an institutional framework for undertaking high quality research and for the development of a vibrant research culture through organising seminars, colloquia and lectures, funding participation by Institute members in national and international conferences and a forum for engaging with policy makers and those involved with service delivery in the public and voluntary sectors.  There are four key research units:

Social Work and Social Policy:  The chief research interests are Governance, Performance and Public Policy; Welfare, Poverty, Health and Social Care; and Crime and Punishment

Politics and International Studies: Conflict, conflict transformation, nationalism, multi-nationalism and identity remain the core research themes

Education Research: The focus of the research is applying theory in practice, with the emphasis on influencing policy, curriculum and practice.

Linguistics Research: Linguistics at Ulster University spans a wide range of areas in the discipline. Particular strengths are in the areas of syntax, semantics, pragmatics, language acquisition, bilingualism, language processing, historical linguistics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics and language planning.