Biomedical Sciences Research Institute (BMSRI)


The Biomedical Sciences Research Institute (BMSRI) specialises in the study of the biological mechanisms (especially those which relate to gene-nutrient interactions) associated with degenerative diseases - eg., cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and visual deterioration. We are conducting pioneering research in these areas, with a determination to investigate the underlying causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human degenerative diseases.

The BMSRI is also exploiting the remarkable opportunities made possible by recent molecular advances and revolutionary changes in biomedicine and biotechnology.

In addition, the BMSRI is committed to providing scientific support for the knowledge-intensive, high-added value biotechnological and biomedical industries. Prospects in medical products and biotechnology and in the modification of foods to produce more valuable, healthier products, are remarkably promising.

In addition to conducting our own pioneering research we provide a diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment, specialist laboratories and infrastructure that can offer clinical & translational services to academic researchers and business.The BMSRI is a modern, well-equipped, state of-the-art research facility with centralised resources including:

• Advanced bioimaging/microscopy laboratories
• Bioinformatics and computational biology
• Facilities for use and storage of mammalian cells and tissues
• Genomics research laboratories
• Mass spectrometric and NMR analysis
• Facilities for clinical research & human intervention studies/trials
• Facilities for in vivo studies
• Facilities for pharmaceutical research
• Facilities for vision research studies

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