Facility: Human Intervention Studies Unit


The Human Intervention Studies Unit (HISU) is primarily dedicated to nutritional intervention trials on human participants. Studies may range from strictly-controlled residential trials — featuring a range of metabolic measurements — to non-residential trials with periodic checks.

The unit features a specially-designed residential suite with accommodation, in which up to 12 human volunteers may be accommodated for days or weeks at a time and a kitchen for preparation of duplicate meals.

There is increased awareness of the role of diet which, in addition to meeting the metabolic needs of individuals, can have beneficial physiological and psychological effects and can help reduce the risk of disease. One of the most important roles of the HISU is to perform rigorous scientific testing of potential health benefits associated with food products and dietary supplements. Additionally, the HISU can be utilized to identify potential new health benefits.


  • http://biomed.science.ulster.ac.uk/bmsri/-Human-Interventions-Studies-unit-.html
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