Facility: Genomics Core Facility Unit


The Genomics Core Facility Unit contains a range of equipment which enables research on gene regulation and gene expression patterns and the development of novel techniques to therapeutically alter the expression of affected genes.

The Unit has extensive expertise relating to transcriptional regulation, key proteomic- and nucleic acid-based techniques (SNP, methylation, microarray, gene knockout, QToF MS based de novo protein sequencing, MALDI, Yeast-2-hybrid, 2-D PAGE); structural biology (solution NMR spectroscopy); data integration and pathway modelling (Systems Biology). 

The group is involved in all major aspects of transcriptional regulation ranging from:

- the investigation of basic mechanisms of gene regulation 
- the investigation of the structural basis for mechanisms of transcriptional control and regulation 
- the design of nucleic acid based composites to therapeutically modulate aberrant gene expression patterns 
- the analysis of the interplay of disease and a major class of transcriptional regulators (thesuperfamily of nuclear hormone receptors with a specific focus on the vitamin D receptor) 
- the analysis of the correlation between genetic variability (SNPs), gene expression, promoter methylation status and specific diseases.


  • http://biomed.science.ulster.ac.uk/bmsri/-Genomics-.html
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