Facility: Advanced Metal Forming Research Centre (AMFoR)


Advanced Metal Forming Research (AMFoR) is at the forefront of materials characterisation and modelling for the sheet metal forming industries. Our combined lab facilities of traditional and special purpose test equipment are unique within the UK and exceptional in the rest of the world.

Application of basic science to improve materials and processes for the sheet metal forming industry is one of our strategic objectives. Our close working relationship with aerospace manufacturers has created mutually beneficial advancement of mechanical metallurgy and forming process development.

AMFoR has expertise in a number of areas:

Tools and Characterisation
- Sheet Metal Characterisation
- Mechanical testing of sheet metals
- Development of special-purpose test facilities
- Assessment of yield surface evolution during sheet metal forming

Mathematical Modelling of Yielding
- Extensive experience in the application and assessment of anisotropic yield criteria
- Development of new and improved yield criteria

Forming Process Optimisation
- Optimisation of stretch forming process settings including up-front decisions on split-line determination etc
- Tool design methods for sheet metal hydroforming
- Application of Finite Element Analysis to sheet metal forming processes

Development of Novel Forming Processes
- Development of closed loop controlled roll bending systems



Facilities/Equipment subject to availability. Visit our website for more information on our laboratory facilities and equipment http://amfor.ulster.ac.uk/research/facilities 



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