Facility: Engineering Composites Research Institute (ECRE)


The Engineering Composites Research Centre (ECRE) has a unique blend of expertise in textile technology, polymer processing and engineering for research into polymeric and composites materials for use in a wide range of engineering applications. 

This centre is also part of the new Northern Ireland Advanced Composites Engineering Centre (NIACE) www.niace-centre.org.uk 

The centre key function is to investigate the inter-relationships between materials, processing parameters and performance of polymers and composite materials.  The centre has the capability to take high performance textile yarns such as carbon, aramid, glass and natural fibre through to complex technical textile structures, impregnate them with resins, either thermosetting or thermoplastic to produce high performance components. 

The centre has an impressive skills base drawing on expertise from the engineering and science backgrounds of the staff involved in the centre. Typical areas of expertise are:

- Unique design and manufacture – carbon tow through to component
- Design and development and manufacture of 3D tailored complex textiles
- Materials characterisation
- Advanced composite manufacturing
- Modelling of mechanical properties
- Predictive models

Facilities/Equipment subject to availability


  • http://ecre.ulster.ac.uk
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