Facility: Person Centred Practice (PcPRC)


The Person-centred Practice (PcPRC) vision is to be a world-leading centre in research and development that has as its focus the enhancement of knowledge and expertise in person-centred practice.

Our research and development themes integrate our combined expertise in gerontological nursing/practice, person-centred practice and practice development/participatory research methodologies.  

Person-centred Practice Research Centre Work Strands

- Working with older people: Focuses on family caregiving, long-term care, community care and rehabilitation.

- Person-centred practice development: Focuses on implementation studies in collaboration with partner organisations for the purposes of promoting person-centredness in practice; and developing and testing methodological approaches in this area

- Methodology Development: Focuses on practice development research, action research and practitioner inquiry across a variety of clinical specialties; and continuing to advance methodologies for participatory research



  • http://www.science.ulster.ac.uk/inhr/pcp/index.php