Facility: Managing Chronic Illness


Managing chronic conditions is a major global health care problem with cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes amongst the five most common chronic conditions. They are responsible for a significant burden of ill health among patients, their families and society overall. However, many factors impinge on condition management including: individual patient attributes, families, social and physical environments, patient/clinician relationships and clinical expertise. 

Our  research centre Managing Chronic Illness Centre aims to conduct rigorous research into holistic care, responsive to the needs of those living with a chronic condition.  The three main themes of research within the overall spectrum of chronic illness are:

- Palliative Care
- Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease
- Cancer Care

Our members can be involved in every aspect of research from identifying pertinent questions, conducting the research and on to dissemination. They work closely with people affected by chronic conditions, health and social care professionals, the voluntary sector and members of the public. Seminars and workshops on issues and methodologies that apply across clinical conditions will be held on a quarterly basis.

This research centre seeks to enhance and encourage collaborative research initiatives and developments at local, national and international levels. Alongside having many of our researchers working as joint appointments with local health care trusts, there is a clear focus on developing partnerships and collaborations with clinical and professional colleagues, with patient organisations and charities. Such collaboration furthers patient and public involvement and helps to deliver more effective knowledge transfer.


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