Facility: Digital & Design Equipment


Digital Technology is advancing to create never before possibilities in design opening up new avenues in colour, fine detail and production time. These technologies are highly specialised and on the whole not easily accessible. These facilities offers clients a unique opportunity to not only experiment with these new processes but also to combine them with each other and more traditional processes.

We have a diverse range of design and digital equipment suitable for prototyping and semi production runs for commercial and non-commercial uses. We present our clients with a high quality service helping them to identify and execute innovative concepts.

The centre is run by experienced staff with a wide spectrum of skills including 3D design, weaving, embroidery, dyeing, screen and digital printing. Our facilities include, digital fabric, transfer and hard service printers, as well as digital embroidery, quilting, laser cutting and screen printing equipment.


  • http://www.riad.ulster.ac.uk
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