Facility: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Unit


The Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Unit uses a ‘Systems Biology’ approach to study the complex interactions between the components of biological systems, and how these interactions give rise to the function and behaviour of that system.

The Systems Biology knowledge discovery cycle, as sketched by Kitano (in Science 2002), comprises:

- Analytic or computational modelling to propose specific testable hypotheses about a biological system
- Experimental validation; and 
- Refining the computational model or theory using the newly acquired quantitative data.

Consultancy services in microarray analysis, grid technology, data base design and integration as well as image analysis and algorithm development can be offered (depending on the biological model system and available in-house expertise). In particular, we offer consultancy services in quantitative anatomy using 3D reconstructions from serial sections and intense sampling based on the OpenCAR system http://opencar.ulster.ac.uk/ 


  • http://biomed.science.ulster.ac.uk/bmsri/-Bioinformatics-and-Computational,4-.html
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