Facility: Centre for Physical Activity and Health


Centre for Physical Activity and Health: the Centre for Physical Activity and Health uses epidemiological and empirical methods to investigate the role of physical activity and exercise in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and the promotion of psychological well-being.

Our research includes lifestyle intervention studies, investigations of the underlying systemic and cellular mechanisms and epidemiological cohort studies. 

Collaborative studies have been conducted using a number of prophylaxes in order to minimise the risk of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The evidence provided by these findings has contributed to a better understanding of the biological reactions that occur following human exercise within a range of pathologies.

Data on lifestyle behaviours, self-esteem, fatness and underlying mechanisms in children have been published, with explanations into some the socioeconomic differences in childhood obesity postulated. Novel findings on vascular function and inflammation are being complimented by genetic-based and mechanistic studies.


  • http://www.science.ulster.ac.uk/sesri/pah/index.php