Facility: Northern Ireland Centre for Economic Policy


NICEP, the Northern Ireland Centre for Economic Policy, is an independent economic research centre focused on producing evidence based research to inform policy development and implementation. The Centre engages with all organisations that have an interest in enhancing the Northern Ireland economy and it's work is relevant to Government, business and the wider general public.

NICEP's main roles are:

  • Core economic research
  • Policy advice
  • Teaching of Economics across the Ulster Business School
  • Commercial economic consultancy projects.

Core research in numerous other projects including:

  • Air Connectivity study
  • Corporation tax update
  • Cost of doing business

NICEP is acting as a supervisory/advisory role in other projects including:

  • Development of reliable export data
  • High Growth firms and their defining characteristics
  • Innovative firms and their defining characteristics
  • Access to finance research
  • SMART region initiative for South West NI



  • http://www.business.ulster.ac.uk/nicep/