Facility: Marketing


Much of the sub-unit's research focuses on marketing in the context of entrepreneurial/SME management and consumer behaviour. Research examines the theory and practice of marketing in a variety of business contexts. Key research themes include marketing competencies, networking, financial services, retro-marketing, gender, retailing and e-business.

International Business: Research seeks to provide new perspectives on the internationalization of firms with regard to the role of the Internet, networking and the influence of top management teams. International new ventures, particularly those within knowledge-intensive sectors. International acquisitions, investigating the impact of ownership change, subsidiary contraction/expansion, foreign subsidiary localisation and CEO career horizons. Assimilation of new technologies, skills acquisition and the internationalization process, particularly within SMEs. Implementation E-Business strategies. Qualitative and holistic integration of micro-firm and macro-industry perspectives, the use of Internet-based methodologies and projective techniques.

Marketing / Entrepreneurship Interface: Range of management interactions that occur between marketing and other disciplines as well as various stakeholder groups.  How SME owner-managers / entrepreneurs do business in terms of networking and the development of managerial competencies. Relationship marketing. Marketing implications of sustainable tourism. Marketing / entrepreneurship interface.  The entrepreneurial small firm and internet adoption.

Consumer Behaviour and Retailing: concept of retro brands to develop theory that contributes to marketing principles and practice, particularly brand management.  How consumers negotiate cultural meanings. Consumer influence.  Nature and characteristics of SME retailer expansion, the role of stakeholders and learning processes within retail internationalization and using consumer feedback from the Dunnhumby database to identify new markets.


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