Facility: Operations Management


A major interest for members of the sub-unit is around the implications of the quality management philosophy for a range of organizations across the public and private sectors. This is reflected in research work that concentrates on supply management and business improvement. 

Supply Management: integration of theories including transaction cost economics (TCE), organizational theory and the resource-based view (RBV) to gain new perspectives with regard to the outsourcing decision-making process and supplier development strategies. Work on the application of computational intelligence techniques to supply management problems. Investigating logistics issues related to managing dynamic traffic networks.

Business Improvement:  a knowledge-centered approach to improving levels of creativity and innovation in the knowledge based economy.  The development of knowledge management assessment tools for intelligent business support systems, with prototype applications developed based on semantic technologies. The development of Innovation Management models and methodologies for use by public and private sector organizations. Exploring the role of business improvement and quality management philosophies and methodologies in improving competitiveness from a critical perspective both in large organizations and SMEs. 


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