Facility: Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST)


The Centre for Sustainable Technologies undertakes multidisciplinary research to design, create, develop, improve, demonstrate and evaluate emerging, existing and alternative sustainable renewable energy, building design, construction materials, transport and environmental modification technologies.

CST seeks to undertake ground-breaking activities in such areas as building energy efficiency, clean combustion, construction, highways engineering, sustainability, renewable energy and river hydraulics. While all these areas are critically important to a rapidly changing built environment reacting to climate change, the dominant research activity in terms of income and activity is energy. 

The development of the 'Terrace Street' project has introduced two experimental houses and is helping to address strategic priorities around fuel poverty through understanding how buildings measure up to the elements with the potential to support cross-disciplinary research in connected health. 


  • http://www.cst.ulster.ac.uk/
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