Facility: Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Research (HySAFER)


The centre is carrying out research, consultancy, knowledge and technology transfer in the area of safety of hydrogen as an energy carrier and fuel cell technologies.

The centre has been formally established by the University in 2008 as a reflection of changes in research priorities worldwide, in particular the importance of safety in the emerging hydrogen and fuel cell systems including but not limited to hydrogen powered vehicles and refuelling infrastructure, stationary and mobile fuel cell applications.

The thrust in HySAFER is on contemporary research methods such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), in particular Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of unignited releases and dispersion, spontaneous ignition and jet fires, deflagrations and detonations, and mitigation techniques. The HySAFER Centre collaborates with leading experimental research centres throughout the globe in closing numerous knowledge gaps in hydrogen safety science and engineering by combining complementarities of analytical, numerical, and experimental studies. The expertise and research covers a wide range of areas such Hydrogen releases and dispersion; Hydrogen fires; Hydrogen deflagrations and detonations; and Regulations, codes and standards.



  • http://hysafer.ulster.ac.uk/
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