Facility: Fire Safety Engineering Research & Technology Centre (FireSERT)


The Fire Safety Engineering Research and Technology is a world-leading provider of scientific and technical fire safety engineering; fire testing; fire safe product and component development and; strategic fire safety science research.  

FireSERT's research is focused on four key areas -

- Fire Dynamics and Materials 
- Structural fire engineering 
- Human Behaviour in Fire
- Fire protection.

The facilities developed for undertaking research in this area are exceptional, a 600m2 burn hall allows full-scale fire research to be undertaken. A 20 MW facility, a large-scale combination wall and floor furnace (3m x 3m x 4m long), intermediate and small size furnaces facilitate investigations over a wide range of scales.

These facilities are complemented by a well equipped fire dynamics and chemistry laboratory furnished with TGA/FTIR/DSC/MS and two cone calorimeters, one standard and one having a controlled oxidizer atmosphere. In addition to the experimental laboratories, extensive dedicated computer facilities are available for fire modelling, using CFD.

A specific set of laboratories are also available for the investigation of human behaviour in fire, allowing fundamental work to be undertaken on human responses to fire and evacuation simulations.


  • http://www.firesert.ulster.ac.uk/
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