Energy Research Laboratory


Energy Research Laboratory: 1.5M pound ENERF laboratory complex, The ENERF building consists of nine laboratory spaces, the largest being the general laboratory containing the phase change material/chilled beam ceiling/human comfort controlled environment test room, the small scale computer controlled glazing test facility, the large scale computer controlled glazing test facility and the solar simulator, as well as general fabrication and maintenance equipment. computing and workstation facilities, gas chromatography, particle image velicometry, spectroscopy and extensive data acquisition equipment.

Additional fluid flow analysis is provided by a UVP-DUO and further analysis can be provided by a Differential Scanning Calorimeter and a Bookfield Viscometer. A Dantec Dynamics mannequin, which can simulate the thermal response of the human body, is utilised for human thermal comfort studies associated with advanced vacuum glazing and PCM/energy storage. Two high specification infrared cameras have been acquired for building heat loss and thermal characterisation of the advanced vacuum glazing. One is for long-wave analysis while the other is for short wave analysis.

The advanced glazing laboratory is a climate controlled clean room environment necessary for successful fabrication of advanced vacuum glazing. Specialist laboratory facilities includes two high specification, high vacuum ovens and associated controls and data acquisition systems, commercial scale ultrasonic glass cleaning facilities, a large-scale conventional oven, a large-scale calorimeter/durability test facility and a window weather test facility.

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